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The original ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor is currently available for purchase with physician’s script

ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor provides EARLY identification of decompensation, prior to symptom development!

The ZOE Fluid Status Monitor is a non-invasive, battery powered impedance monitor designed as an 'early warning' monitor for determining changes in the fluid status of patients with fluid management problems.

The ZOE Fluid Status Monitor works by applying a low amplitude high frequency electrical current to the body, measuring the electrical impedance. Base Impedance also known as Zo, decreases when fluid increases and Zo increases when fluid decreases.

ZOE® measurement is a quick and easy method for determining whether individuals are experiencing fluid congestion or dehydration. Research indicates that Zo is an early predictor of congestion in heart failure, showing decreases as early as two weeks prior to weight gain and symptoms.

Athens Home Health Remote Telemonitoring

"CHF readmissions reduced 74% through the use of Philips and NMT remote monitoring by Athens Home Health Care"   

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how Athens Regional Home Health successfully implemented remote telemonitoring as a part of a comprehensive disease management program for heart failure patients. The initial goals were to reduce hospital readmits and emergency department returns but benefits realized extended well beyond these goals.

Review Analysis CHF Readmission Results


Zoe Instructional Video

The ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor is intended for patients:

  • With fluid management problems
  • Taking diuretic medication
  • Living with Heart Failure
  • Living with End-stage Renal Disease
  • Recovering from Coronary Artery Disease related event
  • Suffering from Recurrent Dehydration

The ZOE Fluid Status Monitor is intended for use by qualified health care practitioners, under the direction of a physician, for the non-invasive monitoring and management of patients with fluid management problems in a variety of medically accepted clinical applications.


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-Managing Heart Failure in Home Care

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-Comparison of Dissimilar Measurement Methodologies

-Zoe Case Study

Zo Patient Tracking Log


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