About NcIQ™ Casualty Management System

The NcIQ™ Casualty Management System is the integration of three technologies:

  • NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor
  • NcIQ™ Data Manager
  • NcIQ™ Situational Awareness Manager

NcIQ™ utilizes recent advances in evidence based trauma care integrated with precision guided medical targeting for the early intervention of First Responder assistance and casualty management in any environment. The NcIQ™ Casualty Management System expands situational awareness and the field of empowered responders while minimizing responder risk.

System Components Include:

  • NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor - placed on the casualty at time of wounding on the outside clothes
  • NcIQ™ Data Manager - Stores and trends data from point of wounding and seamlessly transitions data from NcIQ™ to any electronic computing or communications device
  • NcIQ™ Situational Awareness Manager - View casualty/responder data and location throughout the care continuum.

What Technology Does NcIQ™ Use?
+ NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor
+ NcIQ™ Data Manager
+ Parameter and Specs

Download NcIQ Brochure


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