Objective Hemodynamic Assessment

The IQ2™ noninvasive systems offers an accurate method to asses and evaluate cardiac function. The parameters provide information regarding left ventricular:

  • function
  • fluid volume
  • status
  • contractility
  • preload
  • after load

Patients can be evaluated hemodynamically in less than five minutes and provides an objctive assessment to adjust therapy appropriately. More...

Early Detection of Status Change
Evidence has shown that hemodynamic parameters measured by NMT monitors, can provide early detection leading to early intervention. More...

Optimizes Therapeutic Decision Making
IQ2™; noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring: More...

  • Delivers objective assessment of the heart's mechanical performance
  • Provides continuous data to optimize fluid management
  • Enables precise and rapid titration of diuretics and inotropes
  • Identifies impending onset of shock
  • Optimizes confident goal-directed therapeutic decision making

Maximizes Outcomes
The best way to prevent and minimize cardiac problems is to diagnose and treat them before they become problems. The main goal of the IQ2™ technology is to do just that. An objective and accurate assessment can provide valuable data for a clinician to work with to provide accurate treatment options that could prevent further complications and improve the quality and longevity of his patient's life. More...



What Technology Does IQ2™ Use?
+ Explanation of what IQ2™ does
+ Patented 3D Signal Processing
+ Parameter and Specs

Applications of IQ2™ In:

+ Heart Failure

+ The Emergency Room
+ The Home/Nursing Home

More Information
+ Case Studies

+ Abstracts
+ References

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