About Casualty Management System

The Casualty Management System is the integration of three technologies:

  • ETag™ Sensor
  • Global Wireless Communications Capabilities
  • Data Management System

The Casualty Management System utilizes recent advances in evidence based trauma care integrated with precision guided assessment targeting for the early intervention of medical assistance and casualty management in any environment. This expands situational awareness and the field of empowered responders while minimizing responder risk.

System Components Include:

  • ETag™ Sensor – placed on the casualty at time of wounding on the outside of clothes
  • Global Wireless Communications Capabilities - Bluetooth, GPS or personalized communications allow for continuous casualty monitoring and location from point of wounding throughout the care continuum
  • Data Management System – stores and trends data from point of wounding

What Technology Does ETagT Use?
+ ETagT Sensor
+ Data Management System
+ Parameter and Specs


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