When clinicians have to make hard decisions, IQ2™ and ZOE™ trade; provide hard data.

The ability to monitor, evaluate and optimize cardiac performance, pulmonary status and tissue perfusion early in a patient’s treatment, creates the opportunity to optimize therapeutic decision making.

IQ2™ noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring:

  • Delivers objective assessment of the heart’s mechanical performance.
  • Provides continuous data to optimize fluid management.
  • Enables precise and rapid titration of diuretics and inotropes.
    Identifies impending onset of shock.
  • Optimizes confident goal-directed therapeutic decision making.


Reimbursement for IQ2™ monitoring is reimbursed and indicated for:

  • Noninvasive diagnosis or monitoring of hemodynamics in patients with suspected or known cardiovascular disease
  • Differentiation of cardiogenic from pulmonary causes of acute dyspena
  • Optimization of atrioventricular interval for patients with A/V sequential cardiac pacemakers
  • Patients with need of determination for intravenous inotropic therapy
  • Post heart transplant myocardial
    biopsy patients
  • Patients with a need for fluid management

  Integrating IQ2™ Impedence Cardiography Parameters

  Hypovolemia Response to Volume Resuscitation Heart Failure/ Pulmonary Congestion Response to diuretic Response to (+) Inotrope Response to Vasodilator
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