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NASA Performs Parabolic Investigations using the NMT NcIQ™


The Battlefield's First Responders

NMT's Multiple Casualty Assessment and Management System (MCAMS) was featured in the Military Medical/CBRN Technology Magazine. The article titled, "The Battlefield's First Responders" takes an in-depth look at the different branches of the U.S. Military's combat medics and the lifesaving equipment used on the battlefield to assess and treat casualties. The Battlefields First Responders

NMT's Innovative Heart Monitor featured in Space Florida March 2009 Update Space Florida Update

NMT's Lightweight Noninvasive Heart Monitor Draws Attention at the ATA Conference in Las Vegas

Click the link below to view the exciting interview highlighting Ann McCaughan, NMT's COO

Ann McCaughan Interview

"Las Vegas Home to Innovative Hydration Technology" as seen on ABC


Home Care Automation Report

Case Study: Reduce Rehospitalizations

NMT & Oak Ridge Working Together to Save Lives!

A Las Vegas business and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are improving the odds for people medically at risk from dehydration or congestive heart failure.

Death By Dehydration Is Unacceptable
The first long distance runner was an ancient Greek soldier who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens to tell of a battlefield victory over the Persians. After delivering his message, he reportedly died from exhaustion.or was it dehydration?
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Groundbreaking ZOEwi™ used to Monitor Fluid Status Levels at Las Vegas Marathon
On December 2, 2007, the groundbreaking ZOEwi™ successfully monitored athlete fluid levels at the 3rd annual
Las Vegas Marathon.
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ZOEwi™ Clinical Trials Completed at the United States Air Force Academy
On November 29, 2007, ZOEwi™ clinical trials were completed at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Senator Reid Hails Passage of Defense Funding Bill
U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada hailed the passage of the Defense Appropriations bill. Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, helped direct $87,020,000 to Nevada for a variety of high-tech programs being developed by the military, Nevada’s higher education institutions, and the state’s private sector.
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USA Today
Only then will you glimpse a side of Vegas that few of Sin City's 38 million annual visitors see: One of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas is not just growing, but growing up.
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Businesses Continue To Find Southern Nevada To Their Liking
The Air Force and the Department of Defense have contracted with Noninvasive Medical Technologies to create versions of the tool for battlefield use.
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