Groundbreaking ZOEwi used to Monitor Fluid Status Levels at Las Vegas Marathon

On December 2, 2007, the groundbreaking ZOEwi™ successfully monitored athlete fluid levels at the 3rd annual Las Vegas Marathon. The ZOEwi™uses bio-impedance to assign a numeric value to the athlete’s fluid status. With this continuous and objective data, the athlete can avoid serious injury or even potential death related to dehydration or over-hydration.

Marathon Running is the ultimate test of physical performance and runners are well aware of the dangers of dehydration as well as over-hydration, known as hyponatremia. The challenge has been accurately assessing hydration levels during physical activity. Noninvasive Medical Technologies’ ZOEwi™, a new wireless version of their FDA approved ZOE® monitor, remotely captures continuous and objective fluid status data for the early prevention of injury due to changes in hydration.

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