ZOEwiClinical Trials Completed at the United States Air Force Academy

On November 29, 2007, ZOEwi™ clinical trials were completed at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Noninvasive Medical Technologies, Inc (NMT) team collaborated with the USAFA Human Performance Laboratory staff to organize and conduct clinical trials for the ZOEwi™ correlation with the ZOEŽ Fluid Status Monitor per the contract with the United States Air Force Surgeon General. The ZOEwi™ is NMT's new wireless version of their FDA approved ZOEŽ monitor, developed to remotely capture continuous and objective fluid status levels.

USAFA cadets on the intercollegiate wrestling and boxing teams volunteered to have their Zo (fluid status) monitored on the ZOEwi™ and ZOEŽ devices pre and post conditioning practice. NMT is honored to work with such a prestigious staff at USAFA and at such beautiful facility. This controlled study conducted by the Air Force and NMT will serve as the device validation data required for ZOEwi™ FDA approval. Once FDA approval is received the research will be published in the general professional literature.

To the right is a photo of the data collection and activity conducted at the USAFA Cadet Gymnasium facility.


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