The IQ™ system offers an accurate method to assess and evaluate cardiac function. The parameters provide information regarding left ventricular function, fluid volume status, contractility, preload, and afterload. Patients can be evaluated Hemodynamically in any setting in less than five minutes.


CO (Cardiac Output)

  • Decreased during volume depletion, myocardial dysfunction or high vascular resistance.
  • Increased due to positive inotropic therapy, sepsis.

SV ( Stroke Volume)

  • Decreased during hypovolemia, diuretic therapy, and cardiomyopathy or in states of coronary artery disease.
  • Increased during volume infusion, positive inotropic therapy,vasodilating agent therapy or fever/sepsis.

ACI (Acceleration index)

  • Index of the acceleration of blood in the ascending aorta, reported as a very sensitive indicator of contractility.
  • Decreased with poor myocardial contractility/pump failure.
  • Increased during positive inotropic agents.

Zo (Thoracic Fluids)

  • Zo normal limits: (Men - 20-30 ohms, Women - 25-35 ohms)
  • Zo less than 18 ohms is associated with the pulmonary interstitial edema.
  • Zo less than 14 ohms is associated with alveolar edema.

SVR (Systemic Vasular Resistance)

  • Decreased in patients that have been diuresed.
  • Increased in the non-stabilized heart failure patient.

The IQ™ system allows the clinician to attain an objective assessment of a patient's hemodynamic status and to adjust therapy appropriately.

  IQ Hemodynamic Parameters

Abbreviation Parameter Normal Values
HR Heart Rate 65 - 90 bpm
CO Cardiac Output 4 - 8 I/min
CI Cardiac Index 2.5 - 4.0 I/ min/m2
SV Stroke Volume 60 - 120 mI/beat
PEP Pre-Ejection Period 0.05 - 0.12 sec
VET Ventricular Ejection Time 0.25 - 0.35 sec
dZ/dt Change in Impendace/Time 0.8 - 2.5 Ohms/sec
ACI Acceleration Contractility Index 2 - 5 Ohms/sec2
LCWI Left Cardiac Work Index 3 - 5 kg min/m2
SVR Systemic Vascular Resistance 800 - 1200 dyne sec/cm5
Zo Base Thoracic Impedance Men 18 - 30 Ohms
Women 25 - 35 Ohms
Infants 30 -45 Ohms

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