Noninvasive Medical Technologies (NMT) is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.
NMT manufactures its patented noninvasive hemodynamic monitors for use
across the care continuum. Our clinical and administrative staff collectively has many years of development work in the field of bioimpedance application.

NMT is the only cardioplethsmograph manufacturer that incorporates the patented three-dimensional signal averaging into their technology. In addition NMT leads the world in research and development of new and innovative uses for noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring.

It is not our place to discredit alternate methodologies, rather to reveal factual data derived from many years of sound clinical research. NMT truly has no direct competitor.  Our suite of products targets markets spanning across the care continuum, as opposed to other companies that claim to be a global leader in patient monitoring, yet only cater to a single demographic in the world of healthcare.   Our core competencies are many as we consistently learn of new and innovative applications for our technology.  NMT views it as our duty and corporate culture to push the boundaries of noninvasive patient monitoring by continually exploring new frontiers in support of our mission.


To save lives by continually advancing the standard for noninvasive patient monitoring across the care continuum, while maximizing clinical, medical, and financial outcomes, and promoting scientific innovation.


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