The NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor

The small, lightweight, easy-to-use NcIQ™ provides real time hemodynamic status monitoring and relative casualty location communications to the First Responder.

The NcIQ™ uses patented technology to measure the reflected electrical signal length from anatomical structures in motion. The signal generated from the NcIQ™ is integrated into NMT’s patented IQ algorithm (the predicate technology)
and the following hemodynamic parameters are measured and trends:

  • Cardiac Output
  • Heart Rate
  • Respirations
  • Life Score

A computer and encrypted radio are integrated into the NcIQ™ in order to store data to memory, monitor measurement trends and communicate pertinent data.

NcIQ™ Noncontact Cardiac Output
First Responder Benefits
Casualty Benefits
  • Noncontact cardiac output
  • Convenient placement on the chest outside of clothing
  • Easily placed and activated by the casualty or his buddy
  • Situational awareness of the total casualty site
  • Ability to monitor multiple casualties, even while assisting others
  • Augments trauma care protocols towards goal directed therapy
  • First Responder is aware of casualty acuity prior to reaching the scene or making physical contact, thus optimizing efficiency
  • Noncontact cardiac output
  • Sense of security in monitoring at point of wounding
  • Progression toward self-care when appropriate
  • Higher level of awareness and understanding of assistance required
  • Awareness that help is imminent

What Technology Does NcIQ™ Use?
+ NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor
+ Casualty Tracker Belt
+ NcIQ™ Data Manager
+ Parameter and Specs


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