The Casualty Tracker Belt Ensemble

Using haptic actuators the Casualty Tracker Belt Ensemble intuitively increases the first responder’s situational awareness regarding casualty location and acuity.

The belt incorporates innovative haptic sensor technology developed to teach military helicopter pilots to hover and fly in degraded visual environments. Three levels of tactile inputs can be delivered depending on a casualty’s severity. Training to distinguish these levels is easy and intuitive. The NcIQ™ transmits hemodynamic information to the tracker belt regarding the casualty’s relative location and acuity.

The Casualty Tracker Belt also contains a secure radio that receives transmissions from NcIQ™ in the field. In addition, the belt communicates to a wrist graphic display worn by the first responder that provides actual cardiac output, heart rate, respirations and Life Score, as well as the trend data associated with each individual casualty.

NcIQ™ Noncontact Cardiac Output
First Responder Benefits
Casualty Benefits
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Tactile notification signals integrated into existing gear
  • Intuitive display augments triage and treatment
  • Saves steps and reduces risk during care
  • Ability to monitor multiple casualties, even while assisting others
  • Feeling of security in monitoring from point of wounding
  • High degree of satisfaction that a medic knows where you are
  • Acuity status is known before the first responder arrives

What Technology Does NcIQ™ Use?
+ NcIQ™ Noncontact Sensor
+ Casualty Tracker Belt
+ NcIQ™ Data Manager
+ Parameter and Specs


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