Oxygen debt is the single greatest threat to patient health. Oxygen debt leads to poor tissue perfusion and ultimately to organ failure and death. Oxygen debt is most closely associated with low flow.

Until recently, clinicians had little assistance in determining the exact nature of circulatory defects which lead to low flow and oxygen debt.

Only the most severely ill patients undergo invasive diagnostic procedures, while patients with fewer apparent symptoms receive less hemodynamic monitoring.

The lack of available objective diagnostic data means hemodynamic compromise remains unrecognized. This results in longer hospitalizations, higher healthcare costs, permanent tissue damage and organ failure.

Now, with the introduction of IQ2™, clinicians have the opportunity to access the precise hemodynamic data they need to deliver the highest levels of patient care.

IQ2™ Data That Enables Confident Decision Making

When clinicians have to make hard choices, IQ2™ provides hard data.

The ability to monitor, evaluate and optimize cardiac performance, pulmonary status and tissue perfusion early in a patient's treatment creates the opportunity for optimized outcomes.

IQ2™ Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring:

  • Delivers comprehensive assessment of the heart's mechanical performance and of the patient's pulmonary status
  • Enables confident initiation of goal-directed therapy
  • Provides continuous data to optimize fluid management interventions
  • Enables precise and rapid titration of diuretics and inotropes Identifies the impending onset of shock
  • Enables ARDS-reducing therapeutic management

IQ2™ monitoring allows for immediate recognition of circulatory and thoracic fluid abnormalities which facilitates precise titration therapy to achieve optimal therapeutic goals.

IQ2™ is clinically proven to deliver continuous, accurate cardiac and pulmonary function assessment data.

IQ2™'s disposable patient interface makes it possible to justify extending cardiac monitoring to a broad range of patients.

IQ2™ empowers clinicians by providing instant feedback on their interventions.

IQ2™ delivers accurate data that benefits patients, healthcare providers and hospitals.


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